United Kingdom

Whilst not normally considered an offshore zone, with careful planning, where the management and control and trading activities of a UK company are carried out wholly outside of the UK, then UK corporation tax does not become payable. In this way, a structure has the benefit of a UK entity without the corporation tax charge.

The UK is an established location as part of many corporate structures since it is well regulated, has a wide set of Double Tax Treaties and a strong financial services system.

We recommend using a UK company as an Intermediary Holding Company or a middle trading company acting as agent in a more complex structure.

Types of companies

Private Limited (Ltd)

  • registered within 24 hours,
  • minimum £1 share capital,
  • ordinary and preference shares issuable,
  • UK registered office address is required,
  • minimum of 1 Director (can be non-UK resident),
  • corporate Directors are permitted, but there must be at least one natural person also,
  • no requirement for a Company Secretary,
  • annual accounts must be prepared and filed but only large companies require an audit report,
  • full access to double tax treaties.

Public Limited (Plc)

Similar to a Private Limited company except:

  • minimum two Directors,
  • minimum share capital of £50,000 of which 25% must be issued (but not necessarily paid)
  • Company Secretary is required,
  • audit is required regardless of turnover.

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP)

  • suitable for professional partnerships seeking limited liability,
  • taxed as a corporate entity,
  • no access to double tax treaties.
Taxes & Rates

Corporation Tax and Capital Gains tax (for companies) is charged at 20% on profits. A scale charge applies for certain turnover levels resulting in higher corporation tax rates. VAT is currently 20%.

Double tax treaties: most countries worldwide except for zero tax jurisdictions.



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