UAE Free Zones

A Free Zone (FZ) is a designated area allowing full office and industrial use within the UAE, whilst enjoying the privileges equivalent to an offshore entity. There are many free zones all over the UAE and each one specialises in particular sectors of business.

Key points to be aware of common to all zones:
  • no taxes, guaranteed for 15 years and renewable,
  • 100% foreign ownership allowed,
  • capital and profits fully repatriable without restriction or withholding taxes,
  • no currency restrictions,
  • no duty on imports into the free zone, 5% standardised duty applies for all other imports,
  • allow physical presence within the UAE (inside the free-zones),
  • trade allowed outside of UAE only, trade within the UAE requires a local branch or subsidiary,
  • trade with other GCC or Middle East countries allowed, making it an ideal base,
  • varied minimum requirements for minimum office/warehouse space,
  • varied permitted activities according to each individual zone (industry clustering).

Investors can either register a new company in the form of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) or Company (FZ-LLC). It is also possible to establish a branch or representative office of an existing or parent company based within the UAE or abroad.

Examples of typical free-zone structures:

  • Consulting & management services,
  • Holding company activities,
  • Commission agencies,
  • Trading of physical goods and commodities,
  • Financial services,
Signia can assist you in all stages of establishing a free zone presence, including:


We can advise you on the myriad of options available in structuring your UAE presence, taking particular care to meet your requirements. We cover all of the free zones advising on full LLC's, branch or representative office.


The processes involved in setting up a free zone company can often be quite complex. We handle the whole process on your behalf ensuring a smooth registration of your company.


Ongoing management services are provided by a qualified chartered accountant and other local experts.



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